Your local re-invented! The Snug brings a friendly welcoming atmosphere with the delight of cocktails and great service.


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Image by Szabo Viktor


 1st - 4pm Till 12am 

2nd - 4pm Till 12am 

3rd - 4pm Till 2 am 

4th - 4pm Till 2am 

5th - 4pm Till 11pm

6th - Closed

7th - Closed

8th - 4pm Till 12am 

9th - 4pam Till 12am 

10th - 4pm Till 2am 

11th - 4pm Till 2am 

12th - 4pm Till 11pm 

13th - Closed

14th - Closed

15th - 4pm Till 12am 

16th - 4pm Till 12am 

17th - 4pm Till 2am 

18th - 4pm Till 2am

19th - 4pm Till 11pm 

20th - 10am Till 2am 

21st - 4pm Till 12am 

22nd - 4pm Till 12am 

23rd - 4pm Till 12am 

24th - 4pm Till 12am 

Christmas day Closed

26th - Closed

27th - 4pm Till 12am 

28th - 4pm Till 12am 

29th - 4pm Till 12am 

30th - 4pm Till 12am 

New years eve - 4pm Till 2am


Had a lovely time with my daughters during happy hour yesterday We tried lots of different ones (porn star my fav)and my youngest had mocktails.The staff are so friendly and it's such a relaxed place to be.We played scrabble and jenga. We also good which was delicious. We will be back again.

Sarah - Facebook